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The Continuous Oil Drilling Coupler

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The "Coupler" is a device developed by Maris under ITF sponsorship and supported by Shell, Statoil, BP, BG and Veba OEL.

The "coupler" enables continuous mud circulation to the drill string while making drillpipe connections.

This Joint Industry Project is now at the stage, where our partners, Varco, have completed the detail design and are constructing the prototype for trials.

Maris are continuing to develop this new "Coupler Technology" for application to UBD, ERD and HTHP wells and for many other applicationsrequiring continuous circulation and/or continuous rotation. The advantages of using the "Coupler" are as follows:

Maintains constant mud flow and cuttings mobility


 reduces cuttings bed formation in lateral and ERD wells
 reduces the likelihood of a stuck bit or BHA
 provides an even distribution of cuttings throughout the annulus
 maintains an even temperature throughout the annulus
 provides a steady loading of the mud cleaning equipment
 eliminates circulation time before making connections
 eliminates re-drilling of settled cuttings & debris after making connections
 eliminates need to circulate out accumulated gas after connections in UBD wells


Increases safety


kicks are less likely due to absence of stop/start pressure transients
kicks are easier to identify in the absence of stop/start transients
immediate response to kicks as drillpipe is always connected to the mud supply.
circulating mud pressure can be immediately adjusted while making connections
kill pressure can be maintained while re-installing drillpipe to bottom, if necessary
accurate tool joint alignment and ‘soft landing’ reduces thread damage and bad connections



In summary – The Continuous Circulation Coupler:


combines the benefits of rotary drilling with jointed drillpipe, with the benefits of coiled tubing
above benefits can save an average of as much as $1million, or more, per well drilled
is the first step towards “continuous drilling” with jointed drillpipe
is an enabling technology

Joint Industry Project – sponsored by ITF and supported by:

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