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Critical Field Innovation Examples

Seabed Oil Drilling Rig

Werner Seabed Rig for the Kara Sea

Current focus is on engineering in water depths below 10,000 feet in which lie the resources of half the World's surface and drilling in the Arctic in which lie more resources then in the Caspian Sea and the Middle East combined.


Remote Terrorist (Lie / Stress) Detector

Revolutionary Homeland Security Breakthrough 

Potential Terrorists Detection and Identification using their stress patterns, cardio / pulse and breathing allows to scan remotely using a small hand held device from more then 15 feet away.

  The Continuous Oil Drilling Coupler

The Maris CCC on the drill floor

The "coupler" enables continuous mud circulation to the oil drill string while making drillpipe connections.

Chemotherapy Treatment with No Side Effects 

Ultra-Low Dose (ULD) cancer chemotherapy (without side effects) comparable tumor inhibition and patient life expectancy with no side effects using 1,000 times lower dosage of doxorubicin (an anticancer drug) then traditional dosages to treat carcinoma

Working with Sandia National Laboratories and its proven anthrax decontamination solution, Peletex is seeking to develop and test applications of its patent pending aqueous-froth air filter as a countermeasure to chemical, biological, and radiological airborne contaminants.

Kahului, Hawaii

Providing Unique Polymers for Demanding Applications

Fremont, CA 

Honolulu, Hawaii

Charleston, West Virginia 

Aqueous-Froth Filter

The aqueous-froth method of air filtration is an entirely new way to filter the air. Indeed, the aqueous-froth filter is a paradigm shift in air filtration that offers opportunities to solve a wide variety of problems with an exciting new approach.

Sand- Erosion Resistant Coatings for Propellers and Helicopter Rotor Blades

High performance propeller driven vehicles and helicopters  have gained importance in the preparations to operate reliably in a wide variety of theaters of operation and environmental conditions especially in deserts.


Vac-U-Sand effectively captures and filters all perceivable drywall dust from the air during sanding of gypsum wallboard.

Coating for Tidal Constructions for US Navy and Others

Currently US Navy facilities alone have constructions in coastal zones with over 5.5 Million square feet of surface that is exposed to tidal immersion and/or wave splashing. The replacement value of these assets is $8.3 billion.


Underwater Glues

Underwater Glue can be applied underwater or on wet substrates without any significant change of bonding strength. Underwater Glue remains flexible after curing. These products bond very strongly to PVC.

Profitable Reclamation of Used Tires

The disposal of worn out tires for cars and trucks (and other waste vulcanized rubber materials) represents an environmental problem of global concern. In the US alone, over 2 billion discarded tires are stockpiled in open dumps

Visual Cortex Brain Imaging

Allows a neurosurgeon to see where the patients Visual and Motor Cortex are during the surgery increasing the survival rate and the quality of life of the patient.

Non-Surgical Cataract Treatment





NAC has been shown to be highly resistant to carnosinase, (the natural enzyme that breaks down L-carnosine into histamine etc.). NAC eye-drops appear to act as a universal anti-oxidant, both in the lipid phase of the cellular lens membranes, and in the aqueous environment. They reduce and protect the crystalline lens from oxidative stress-induced, cross-linking damage.

Remote Collapsed Building Human Life Sensor

FEMA / Emergency Response

A Device that allows to scan for human life signs through ruble and collapsed buildings that can estimate the level of survival capacity of trapped survivors

Conversion of Dirty Coal to Pure Scented Fuel

Highly tested and economic process for creating a coal-derived fuel that is 99.7%+ pure energy material.

Early And Accurate Detection of Breast and Other Cancers

A revolutionary patient friendly DOBI technology for using red light instead of mammography x-ray to diagnose the difference between benign and malignant breast cancer tumors invented by Dr Eduard Godik and transferred by him into the US together with nine of his patents for Breast Cancer Screening.

Trace Detection of Narcotics and Explosives in Liquids and Atmospheric Air

State of the art. The most generally applicable and powerful approach for the detection of explosives and drugs - trace detection - the chemical signatures of the explosives or drugs are detected.

Bozeman, Montana

Moscow, Russia

Butte, Montana

Most Precise System for Humanitarian Demining Operations

The operating principle of the radar design is based on the method of multi-frequency sounding of a condensed media (like building structures, grounds, etc.). The method offered has no counterpart in the world practice so far.

Most Precise Handheld System for Humanitarian Demining Operations


The detection element is placed inside the square frame of the two-dimensional scanner covered with the dielectric casing. Images received from both detection channels are processed in a real-time mode and displayed on the LCD monitor which is mounted on a handle in front of the operator.

Molecular electronics MEMS (gyroscope and others) for civil ( automotive, portable harddrive,etc) and military (guidance, navigation and control, guided munitions

Most Sensitive and Fastest Reacting Microchip For Laser Targeting and Ranging "Photo-multiplier on a Chip"

Expedited Pain Drug Discovery Methods and Equipment

by Dr. Michael Nemenov

100 times Faster and Cheaper Pain Drug Discovery and Pain Drug Clinical Trials

 Portable Painless Laser Hair Remover

Highly Effective Electrolyser for Hydrogen Energetics 

hydrogen fueled car engine 

(...Nat. Lab., Sietl, Washington)

Highest Resolution Holographic Subsurface Radar


Large size

Click Image to See movie

Create microwave images of interior details based on different materials and the dielectric permittivity (relative amount of moisture in each material). Allows detection of the hidden objects at various depths. 


Highly Sensitive Microsensor Array for Detection of Explosives and Chemicals (trace amounts) in Plane Environment" 

( Pardue Univ. and Sandia National Lab)

Airborne Reconnaissance of Mine Fields

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The main advantage of airborne reconnaissance of mine fields is its high efficiency and low cost. Its disadvantages include failure to detect mine fields consisting of 1 to 2 mines.

Non-Cancerous POP treatment for Autoimmune and Skin Diseases

Advantages of POP-therapy in comparison with traditional photo chemotherapy (PUVA and photopheresis) are in peculiarities of photochemical stage of treatment.

1. Effective for  treatment of psoriasis, eczema, T-lymphoma, AIDS, arthritis and other autoimmune diseases especially in the African-American population

Virtual Reality Military Training / Amusement / Sports  Sphere

Permanent & Painless Non-Surgical Laser Spinal Cord Back Pain Treatment

Laser Regeneration of Cartilage in the Spinal Disks, Knee Joints and Lower Jaw

Breakthrough in Spinal Cord Rehabilitation /  Back Pain Management through a patient-friendly laser treatment

Super precise Force Magnetostrictive Actuators with a Memorizing Capability, Low Power Consumption and a Wide Range of Travel, and Their Application Prospects

Ear and Nose Cartilage Reshaping through a painless patient-friendly laser treatment

Ecologically Safe Water-based Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene

Top quality synthetic rubber with the same properties as the most expensive premium synthetic rubber causing no pollution and less expensive then the cheapest currently available rubber.

Based on Aqueous Dispersion of Chlorine -Sulphonated-Polyethylene

Vaccine against anthrax

 innovative (international PCT patent) intranasal vaccine is much more effective than the existing ones, low toxic and simple to apply. The original test system is also developed.


Most Efficient Clean Energy Hydrogen Producing Water Electrolyzer