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Ear and Nose Cartilage reshaping through a painless patient-friendly laser treatment


A bloodless, painless, noninvasive procedure for cartilage reshaping by laser is already patented in the US and available for commercialization. Two additional patents are under preparation. Successful clinical trials for nose cartilage performed on over 200 patients; Successful clinical trials for regeneration of cartilage in the destroyed spinal discs performed on over 30 patients with spinal instability and back pain; Clinical Observation performed for more then 1 year. No post-treatment complications and/or visible side effects were observed. Spinal disc patients became pain-free and recent examination confirmed the regeneration of the cartilage. 

Traditional cartilage surgery available today is painful, bloody (10-200 cc), time consuming (1hr) + (2-7 days rest required) and rather expensive $3000; Traditional procedure restricts market volume up to approx. 30,000 surgeries per year in USA. (less then 1%) 

20 million US patients have medical and cosmetic problems, causing heavy breathing, headache, fatigability and trouble sleeping requiring nasal septum cartilage reshaping; LRC allows the cartilage to be corrected repeatedly, a number of times, if necessary allowing correction for kids (4% current market expansion) who cannot be treated with traditional surgery because of unpredictable deformation of the growing nose. (62 Billion Market Potential); A larger US market potential in spinal disc cartilage restoration as well 

The technology is based on laser induced stress-relaxation under local heating of the cartilage tissue. The procedure takes only a few minutes to straighten the nasal septum. A system for LRC includes a laser, operating in pulse repetition mode (0.2-0.5 J/pulse), special mechanical reamer for cartilage straightening during the laser-induced heating, and a feedback control system.