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Permanent & Painless Non-Surgical Spinal Cord & Back Pain Treatment

For the first time ever, a procedure for spinal disks cartilage regeneration and back pain elimination is available through a friendly, bloodless laser treatment procedure for patients with spinal instability and back pain. This procedure replaces the invasive complicated, painful and dangerous spinal surgery that is the only treatment available today.

Clinical trials successfully performed on over 30 human patients with spinal disk instability and back pain. 15 of the patients were in late stages of disk degeneration and hernia with the pulp of the spinal disk pushing out. All patients became pain free and the cartilage in the damaged spinal disks has successfully regenerated, filled the holes and stabilized the spine. MRI tomography and contrast x-rays show the successful regeneration. Clinical Observation performed for about 1 year. No post-treatment complications and/or visible side effects were observed.

Problems of the musculoskeletal system affect more than 44-million Americans. There are over 5 million people in the U.S. with varying degrees of chronic back pain. Back pain is the No. 1 reason for doctor's office visits in the United States. Spine Surgery is the top 3rd reason for hospitalization in the US. In the past decade, the average costs of a spine surgery have increased by 97% from $7457 to $19,712. In 1998 1,360,531 spinal surgeries were performed worldwide and 816,000 (60%) of those procedures were performed in the US. At least $16 billion each year is spent on low back pain in the U.S.

Benefits over traditional surgery - No surgical incisions (no pain, scars, blood, No muscle transection or dissection, No blood loss, No scars , No hospital stay, No postoperative pain, The anatomy is left in a natural state, No loss of ambulatory functions, No risks or complications (morbidity) associated with traditional surgery, No risks or complications associated with traditional fusion surgery

The procedure of heating the spinal disk with a laser takes approximately twenty minutes to complete. A needle of 1 mm in diameter pierces the skin of the patient and a non-ablative laser (less then 158 Fahrenheit) heats the nucleus of the spinal disk. The procedure is extremely safe and relatively painless. The technology is based on over ten years of research.