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ACI Center for Spinal Disk Reconstruction for the Treatment of Arthritis, Degenerative Diseases, Deformities, and Trauma


Traditional spine surgery available today is extremely painful, bloody and invasive. The surgery itself can take many hours and requires a long recovery time during which the patient feels excruciating pain and requires ambulatory assistance. An intravenous general anesthesia is required. Surgery is a team effort that requires a surgeon, an anesthesiologist, surgical assistants and nurses. Severe post-operative pain is expected and the pain is acute and a lot more severe than the usual chronic pain. Nurses administer pain-relieving medication to help patients through post-op pain for as long as necessary. Patients who undergo spinal surgery are confined to long recuperative periods, sometimes in bed. Assistance during ambulation is necessary for nearly all patients.

The patient is dependent on those around him for a long time after the surgery. Movement and physical therapy after the surgery are extremely painful and uncomfortable but they are required to help the patient recover and build strength and flexibility